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編號:ET 系列
High-Precision Automatic Screen Coater




1. 人機介面,中文顯示,操作非常簡便。

2. 精密調壓閥,塗佈壓力調整精度可達 0.01kg/ cm2。 

3. 均勻的塗佈性在濕對濕的直接塗佈下,保証有+ / - 0.001 mm 的塗佈膜厚精度。

4. 唯一擁有低壓塗佈效果,塗佈壓力在 1kg/cm2亦能塗佈出優越的結果。(一般塗佈機須要 2.5kg/cm2以上)。

5. 具優良二次工程再塗佈性,能塗佈出不抖動且均勻的完美效果。

(一般塗佈機在乳劑烘乾後的第二次工程塗佈時 都會出現水平方向的抖動條紋且膜厚均勻性差)。

6. 針對不同的網框,可由前方輕易的調整網版塗佈啟始點,頂點及上修範圍。

7. 自動模式有二十組記憶,前後刮槽塗佈次數、塗佈速度、塗佈壓力、刮槽上翻時間皆可用數字設定。

8. 二次工程塗佈,前刮槽同時可作網版刮刀面,印刷面兩面塗佈用途。



1. Chinese human-machine interface, easy to operate.

2. High-precision pressure regulating valve, the coating pressure adjustment precision can be up to 0.01kg/cm2.

3. Even coating ability, which can definitely achieve the coating film precision of + / - 0.001 mm under wet-to-wet directing coating.

4. Unique low-pressure coating effect, which can achieve great coating result under the coating pressure of 1kg/ cm2 (Common coaters need more than 2.5kg/ cm2)

5. Excellent secondary coating ability, which can achieve perfect effect without any strip.

(In general, the secondary coating performed by the common coaters after the emulsion is dried up will result in horizontal shaking strips and uneven film thickness).

6. The screen coating starting point, top point and modification range can be easily adjusted according to different screen frame.

7. The automatic mode has 20 sets of memories; the coating frequency, coating speed, coating pressure, turning over time of the front and rare scraping slots can be set up by numerals.

8. Secondary coating; the front scraping slot can be used to coat both the screen scraper surface and the printing surface.

項目 規格
最大網框尺寸 Largest Printing Frame Size 1200*1300mm~1600*2000mm
氣壓 Air Pressure 壓力Pressure:6kg2 / 耗氣量Air consumption:5lit/min
網框厚度 Printing Frame Thickness 20~35mm
電壓 Voltage 380/220V 3ø 50/60Hz
耗電量 Power Consumption 30KW

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