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編號:EMS EPS 系列
產品名稱:1/2 CCD視覺自動對位網印機
1/2 Automatic CCD Registration Screen Printer



COVER LENS、觸控面板、觸控細線路、導光板、冷光板、血糖裸片、印刷電路板、薄膜按鍵、手機外殼、美術印刷…等各大產業。



COVER LENS, touch panels, touch panel sliver electrode, light guide plates, luminescence plates, blood glucose test strips, printed circuit boards, film keypads, mobile phone cases, artwork printing, etc.



1. 四柱採用滾蛛螺桿同步昇降(台灣第一家使用,同業爭相仿效),網框上、下定位精準,無鍊條長期使用後拉伸問題。

2. 檯面定位使用伺服馬達、時規皮帶、高精密線性滑軌、電磁鐵定位,定位精準。

3. CCD對位系統採用日本高階對位軟體,對位精度高、對位速度快。

4. 全機採用德國FESTO大廠氣壓零件,更換容易,品質有保障。

5. 可選配全罩式防塵罩或半罩式防塵罩。

6. 安全門限裝置、保障操作者使用安全。



1. Ballscrews in the four posts allow for synchronous ascension and descension (the first company to use this system, and other companies have been busy imitating). Accurate positioning for the frame, without the extension problem due to long-term chain usage.

2. A servomotor, timing belt, high-precision linear guide, electromagnet positioning were used for table positioning. Precise positioning.

3. CCD registration system employs advanced Japanese registration software for highly precise and efficient registration.

4. Air-pressure parts from German manufacturer FESTO are used for the entire machine for ease of replacement and guaranteed quality.

5. Optional devices: Full-screen dust cover or half-screen dust cover.

6. Safety threshold device installed to ensure user safety.

項目 規格
最大印刷面積 Largest Printing Area 600*550mm~800*1000mm
印刷檯面面積 Printing Table Area 850*800mm~1050*1150mm
最大網框尺寸 Largest Printing Frame Size 1100*1200mm~1300*1500mm
網框厚度 Printing Frame Thickness 30~40mm
印刷檯面工作高度 Printing Table Working Height 1020±50mm
對位速度 Registration Speed 1sec以內 / Within 1sec
電壓 Voltage 380/220V 3ø 50/60Hz
耗電量 Power Consumption 3.25Kw~4.5Kw
空壓 Air Pressure 5kgs以上 / Above 5kgs
機械重量 Machine Weight 約1300kgs~1650kgs / Approx.1300kgs~1650kgs

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