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Large Oscillation Ink Mixer




 PCB ink, conductive silver paste, carbon ink, UV ink, window adhesive, solder resist and other common inks and paints to be mixed. The maximum of the acceptable ink concentration is up to 400000C.P.S.



1. 全機採國際PLC控制,方便人員操作。

2. 夾罐方式採馬達加壓方式,牢固的將油墨罐固定。

3. 八種夾罐壓力,可依各種材質油墨罐設定不同的壓力。

4. 雙滾輪設計,方便人員放/取油墨罐。

5. 機門開啟後自動斷電系統,保護人員安全。

6. 振盪時間可依需求設定MAX:30min。

7. 採振盪方式不需任何葉片,保持現場清潔。

8. 急停開關,如有狀況可立即停止振盪。


1. The machine is controlled by Panasonic PLC for users to use it more conveniently.

2. The machine uses the motor to apply pressure to clamp the ink cans, which can tightly fix the ink cans.

3. The machine provides 8 kinds of pressure to clamp the cans. Users can select an proper pressure according to the materials of the ink cans.

4. Double-roller design, which is convenient for users to put/take the ink cans.

5. The power supply of the machine will be automatically turned off after the machine door is opened.

6. The oscillation time can be adjusted according to the requirements; MAX: 30min.

7. The machine is based on oscillation and does not need any blade; therefore, the area around the machine will be always clean.

8. Emergency stop switch; the machine can be stopped immediately if necessary.

項目 規格
內置尺寸 Built-in size 340×320×390mm
攪拌容量 Stirring capacity 1L~20L
攪拌速度 Stirring speed 60Hz 1600R.P.M (無載重/without load)
最高攪拌黏度 Maximum stirring viscosity 400000C.P.S以內 / Within 400000C.P.S
攪拌時間設置 Stirring time setting 0-30min
安全防護 Safety protection 機門開啟自動斷電 / The power supply will be automatically turned off after the machine door is opened.
電力系統 Power supply system AC 220V 單向50/60HZ AC 220V Single-direction 50/60HZ
機械重量 Machine weight 180kgs
機械尺寸 Machine size L650*W630*H1250mm

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