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Vacuum Degassing Pneumatic-Type Oscillation Ink Mixer





Ink paint, conductive metal, silver paste, carbon ink, window adhesive, solder resist, gold powder, silver powder, flat powder or any liquid materials to be mixed, especially suitable for UVINK because UVINK has silicon, which is not easy to be mixed.


1. 油墨攪拌後不會產生任何氣泡。

2. 無清洗葉片的麻煩,使工作場所保持乾淨,減低工業污染。

3. 新型真空油墨攪拌機另增加了油墨溫度視窗,能清楚的看到目前攪拌油墨的溫度,若機器發生吸真空過度油墨也會經過此視窗告知,不會讓油墨直接吸入真空幫浦,保障真空幫浦的壽命。

4. 新型真空油墨攪拌機附加了安全微動開關,如攪拌時油墨罐彈出,攪拌機會自動切斷馬達電源停止振盪。

5. 新型真空油墨攪拌機啟動後真空錶會顯示油墨罐是否有達到真空的標準,讓使用者更能了解攪拌時的狀況。

6. 6~10鐘內攪拌完成,油墨最高黏度可達400,000 c.p.s.。

7. 氣壓式油墨攪拌機滑軌採無齒設計,不必再擔心齒排斷裂問題。

8. 當本機上壓板夾具未達定位時(上壓板沒夾到治具罐)機台將自動偵側馬上停止攪拌,確保操作人員安全。

9. 兩點式組合,當上壓板發生夾不緊的現象時,可對上壓板實施壓力調整。

10.  操作簡單,只需一個按鍵就能完成固定治具罐的動作。

11.  採取氣壓缸方式固定油墨罐,不再會有定期更換固定把手煩人的困擾。

12.  本機均採用德國FESTO氣動元件,品質極佳。



  1. There will be no bubbles generated when stirring the ink.
  2. The blades of a conventional blade mixer need to be cleaned periodically; the mixer has no the problem, so the area around the mixer can be always clean to reduce the industrial pollution.
  3. The new vacuum ink mixer further has the ink temperature window; users can clearly see the temperature of the stirred ink. If the vacuum suction force is too strong, the window will also show an alert message to inform users of the problem to prevent the ink from being absorbed into the vacuum pump in order to extend the service life of the vacuum pump.
  4. The new vacuum ink mixer further has the safety micro switch; if any ink can is ejected out, the mixer will automatically turn off the power supply of the motor to stop the oscillation.
  5. After the new vacuum ink mixer starts up, the vacuum meter will show whether the ink can have reached the vacuum standard for users to understand the situation of stirring the ink.
  6. The stirring process will be finished within 6-10 minutes; the viscosity of the ink can be up to 400,000 c.p.s.
  7. The slides of the pneumatic-type oscillation ink mixer have no teeth; therefore, users do not have to worry that the teeth of the slide may be damaged.
  8. If the clamps of the top clamping plate of the mixer fail to reach the predetermined positions (the top clamping does not clamp the fixture can), the mixer will automatically detect the situation and stop immediately to keep users safe.
  9. Two-point type combination; when the top clamping plate fails to tightly clamp the fixture can, users can apply pressure to modify the problem.

    10.  Simple operation; the movement of fixing the fixture can is able to be done by only one                  button.

    11. The ink cans are fixed by the hydraulic cylinder; users no longer have to periodically                       replace the holder.

    12. The mix adopts high-quality FESTO pneumatic components of (German).

項目 規格
攪拌控制時間 Stirring control time 0~30 minutes
真空控制時間 Vacuum control time 0~30 minutes
攪拌速度調整 Stirring speed adjustment 0~1680R.P.M/Min(60Hz)
攪拌容量 Stirring capacity 0.5~5L
機械尺寸 Machine size 560 x 430 x 930mm
內置尺寸 Built-in size 235 x 235 x 235mm
振盪速度 Oscillation speed 1680R.P.M(60Hz)
氣缸行程 Air cylinder stroke 50 x 50mm
氣壓供給量 Air pressure supply 60 1/min 5kg / cm2
輸出電流 Output current 0.75KW
電 源 Power supply AC 110/220V 50/60Hz
重 量 Weight 77kg

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