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產品名稱:3/4 高精密自動退料導光板印刷機
3/4 High-Precision Auto-Take-Off Light Guide Plates Printer





 Light guide plates, luminescence plates, tempered glass, PCB plates, etc.



1、    雙載台自動退料裝置,提高產能及良率。

2、    檯面定位採高精密線性滑軌、時規皮帶、伺服馬達、電磁鐵,定位精準。

3、    刮刀恆壓裝置有助於印刷物保持膜厚平均。

4、    刮刀可依需求調整左、右刮印壓力。

5、    程式防滴動作,防止油墨滴入印刷圖形內,以提高良率。

6、    網框對版採X、Y1、Y2,三向調整,操作方便。

7、    印刷檯面研磨處理,平整度高,印刷效果良好。

8、    可選配靜電消除裝置、清潔裝置、防塵罩。



1. Dual platform auto-take-off device (with gripper) increases productivity and yield.

2. A servomotor, timing belt, high-precision linear guide, electromagnet positioning were used for table positioning. Precise positioning.

3. Pressurestat scraper device allows for even film thickness on printed objects.

4. Scraper on the right and left sides can be adjusted separately according to needs.

5. Anti-drip action is programmed to prevent ink from dripping into printed surface to increase yield.

6. Printing frame registration can be adjusted along X, Y1, and Y2 axises for ease of operation.

7. Printing table is grinded and hardened for a high degree of flatness.

8. Optional devices: Cleanser device, anti-static device, and dust cover.

項目 規格
最大印刷面積 Largest Printing Area 650*900mm~650×1020mm
印刷檯面面積 Printing Table Area 800×1200mm~910×1400mm
最大網框尺寸 Largest Printing Frame Size 1000×1200mm~1300×1600mm
網框厚度 Printing Frame Thickness 30~40mm
印刷檯面工作高度 Printing Table Working Height 920±50mm
電壓 Voltage 380/220V 3ø 50/60Hz
耗電量 Power Consumption 3.25Kw~4K
空壓 Air Pressure 5kgs以上 / Above 5kgs
機械重量 Machine Weight 約1250kgs~1485kgs / Approx.1250kgs~1485kgs

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