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1/2 High-Precision Large-scale Screen Printer





Light guide plates, luminescence plates, tempered glass, PCB plates, etc.



1. 零接觸面氣浮輸送平台,保持印刷物不被刮傷(選配)。

2. 專利刮刀恆壓裝置印刷壓力左、右可單獨調整,印刷膜厚精準。

3. 印刷座、剝板系統、檯面傳動皆採伺服馬達傳動穩定且準確。

4. 印刷檯面採研磨硬化處理,平整度高。

5. 四柱上昇/下降同步動作,定位準確。

6. 檯面採電磁鐵定位,定位精準。

7. 機台可加裝截除靜電裝置,提昇印刷品質。

8. 雙鼓風機設計,吸、吹風多段調整。

9. 三項剝版方式,延遲剝版、半剝版、全剝版。

10. 對版採X、Y1、Y2三向無間隙調整。

11. 網框可上昇380mm方便操作員洗版。

12. 觸控式操作面板,故障自動偵測及排除方式顯示。

13. 四柱防止瞬間落下裝置,確保人員安全。



1. Zero-touch flotation conveyor ensures zero scratch on printed objects (optional).

2. Patented pressurestat scraper device allow for separately adjustable printing pressure on the right and left sides, resulting in precise printed film thickness.

3. Servomotor is employed on printing station, stripping plate system, and countertop drive for stability and precision.

4. Printing table is grinded and hardened for a high degree of flatness.

5. Simultaneous ascension/descending of four posts results in accurate positioning.

6. Electromagnet positioning is used for table positioning for precision.

7. Anti-static device can be installed to increase printing quality.

8. Dual blowers design allows for multi-adjust suction and air blow.

9. Three stripping plate options: Delayed stripping plate, half stripping plate, and full stripping plate.

10. Registration employs X, Y1, and Y2 three axises for seamless fine-tuning.

11. Frame can be raised 380mm, allowing the operator to cleanse easily.

12. Touchscreen panel is for automatic fault detection and troubleshooting display.

13. Anti-fall device installed on four posts to ensure personnel safety.

項目 規格
最大印刷面積 Largest Printing Area 650*1020mm~900*1600mm
印刷檯面面積 Printing Table Area 900*1320mm~1100*1900mm
最大網框尺寸 Largest Printing Frame Size 1250*1550mm~1500*2100mm
網框厚度 Printing Frame Thickness 30~40mm
印刷檯面工作高度 Printing Table Working Height 950±50mm
電壓 Voltage 380/220V 3ø 50/60Hz
耗電量 Power Consumption 3.5Kw
空壓 Air Pressure 5kgs以上 / Above 5kgs
機械重量 Machine Weight 約1350kgs~1700kgs / Approx.1350kgs~1700kgs


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Other large sizes available!

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