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3/4 High Precision Automatic CCD Registration Glass Screen Printer






Smartphones, Tablets 3.5”~15”, tempered glass.



 1. 靠邊PIN可依印刷尺寸大小做調整,不局限於單一尺寸印刷(選配)。

 2. 全機氣壓原件皆採德國FESTO及臺灣氣立元件,品質有保證。

 3. 自動出料結構,提升產能及工作效率,降低人員操作導致壞片機率。

 4. 檯面傳動採伺服馬達+線性滑軌+時規皮帶,定位精度良好。

5. CCD對位系統採用5CCD對位,達到最佳對位效果。

6. 對位光源採長圓型藍光光源,可對應尺寸3.5”~15”。

7. 人機畫面操作,操作簡單,使用方便。

8. 儲存多組參數,不必重新設定,直接叫出後即可運用。

9. CCD對位系統採日本高精度運算方式,對位速度快且精度高。

10. CCD對位系統採用工業電腦(Windows)及高精密軸卡,對位快速準確。



1. Marginal PIN can be adjusted according to printing sizes, not limited to one printing size (optional).

2. Air-pressure parts from German manufacturer FESTO and Taiwan CHELIC Corp. Ltd. are used for the entire machine for guaranteed quality.

3. Automatic material output structure increases productivity and efficiency while decreasing NG rates from manual operation.

4. A servomotor, timing belt, high-precision linear guide, are used for table positioning. Precise positioning.

5. CCD registration system employs 5CCD registration for optimal effect.

6. Registration light source uses circular blue light, corresponding to sizes from 3.5” to 15”.

7. Man-machine interface is easy to operate.

8. Many sets of parameters stored for ready operation upon opening, resets not required.

9. CCD registration system employs Japanese high-precision operation mode for highly precise and efficient registration.

10. CCD registration system employs industrial computer (Windows) and high-precision axis card for speed and accuracy.

項目 規格
最大印刷面積 Largest Printing Area 260*350mm(含光源可視面積) (including illuminatable area)
印刷檯面面積 Printing Table Area 420*530mm
最大網框尺寸 Largest Printing Frame Size 865*550mm
網框厚度 Printing Frame Thickness 30~40mm
印刷檯面工作高度 Printing Table Working Height 1020±50mm
電壓 Voltage 380/220V 3ø 50/60Hz
耗電量 Power Consumption 3Kw
空壓 Air Pressure 5kgs以上 / Above 5kgs
機械重量 Machine Weight 約1350kgs / Approx.1350kgs

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