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產品名稱: 全自動玻璃居中自動對位網印機
High Precision Full Automatic Centering Registration Glass Screen Printer





 All glass peelable glues, plastic protection film printing (2 printers + 1 turnover machine for double-sided glass printing).



1. 採六組居中PIN,可依印刷尺寸大小做調整,不局限於單一尺寸印刷。 

2. 全機氣壓原件皆採德國FESTO及臺灣氣立元件,品質有保證。 

3. 自動進出料結構,提昇產能及良率。 

4. 人機操作,操作簡單方便。 

5. 專利網框調整機構、X、Y1、Y2三向調整,對版簡單方便。 

6. 刮刀具恆壓裝置,印刷效果極佳。 

7. 2台印刷機可搭配1台翻版機,可達到雙面印刷的效果。 


1. Six sets of centered PIN can be adjusted according to printing sizes, not limited to one printing size.

2. Air-pressure parts from German manufacturer FESTO and Taiwan CHELIC Corp. Ltd. are used for the entire machine for guaranteed quality.

3. Automatic material in/output structure increases productivity and yield.

4. Man-machine interface allows for easy operation.

5. Patented frame-adjustment structure with X, Y1, and Y2 three-way adjustment allows for easy and convenient registration.

6. Scraper is equipped with pressurestat device for optimal printing effect.

7. Two printers can be arranged with one turnover machine to achieve the effect of double-sided printing.

項目 規格
最大印刷面積 Largest Printing Area 620*520mm(居中尺寸) (Centered Size)
印刷檯面面積 Printing Table Area 800*600mm
最大網框尺寸 Largest Printing Frame Size 865*550mm
網框厚度 Printing Frame Thickness 35~40mm
印刷檯面工作高度 Printing Table Working Height 950±50mm
電壓 Voltage 380/220V 3ø 50/60Hz
耗電量 Power Consumption 3.5Kw
空壓 Air Pressure 5kgs以上 / Above 5kgs
機械重量 Machine Weight 約890kgs / Approx. 890kgs

詳細規格 歡迎來電冾詢! 

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